hacover - HAPTICA® „The magazine for the successful use of haptic advertising“.

The magazine for the successful implementation of promotional products. HAPTICA® demonstrates how important haptics are in the field of corporate communications, what huge impact promotional products can have as messengers and how they can be lucratively implemented in the marketing mix. 30,000 marketing decision-makers and advertising agency creatives are supplied with current best practice examples and success stories from the world of haptic advertising twice a year. Launched in 2011 by the Cologne-based publishing company, WA Publishing, with its rubrics IMAGE, DIALOGUE and SALES the publication takes a targeted look at the implementation of promotional products in the various marketing disciplines – from events, to 1-to-1 marketing, through to sales promotion. Interviews show how big players, hidden champions, middlesized companies, cultural institutions or agencies deal with haptic advertising. Specific target group reports examine the viewpoints of the addressees and USERS of haptic advertising. And the rubric KNOWLEDGE shows new survey results while at the same time building a bridge to other disciplines and researchers that occupy themselves with the theme of haptics. Always under focus: the new desire for tangibility.

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