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The English-language eppi magazine (European Promotional Products Industry) is the pan-European trade magazine for the European promotional products industry.

eppi is a bi-monthly publication which comes out 6 times a year, starting from February. It has a circulation of 10,000 copies. Using a rotation system, eppi is distributed to over 15,000 distributors including notable contact partners, informing them on global business, the focus lying on the European promotional products branch. Each edition of eppi serves to satisfy the growing quest for information among the promotional products branch: Coverage includes people and companies, products and trends, European markets and trade shows, EU economic policy and news on the associations. On-site reporting allows us to provide “live shots” of the events.

In addition to this, every issue of eppi concentrates on three comprehensive, product-related main themes, highlighting the current innovations of international promotional products suppliers. This makes eppi an indispensable intermediary between manufacturers/importers and the European distributors.


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