CZ – PromoTron Solutions has expanded the network for its online visualisation tool TronLogo. The German family business Computer Division Heinemann (CDH) as well as the French digital agency PromoTool are among the new sales partners, who have added the software application to their portfolio as an enhancement to their own web shop solutions. Further sales partners of the Prague-based IT specialists are Promidata, which sell the application in the Netherlands and Belgian, e-House in Denmark, Unipromos Promotional Marketing in Spain and the German company, CosmoShop.

Tronlogo - PromoTron: New partnerships

TronLogo can be integrated into any desired web shop, enables users to upload logos and accelerates the ordering process. The logos are visualised immediately in 3D everywhere on the product photos in the web shop so that one gets an exact idea of the finished product. No real sample has to be produced. The programme is currently being expanded to include the realistic visualisation of the customising techniques laser engraving, blind embossing and embroideries.

In addition to Anda, Clipper, Giving Europe, PF Concept, Reda, Stricker, Tobra, Toppoint and Xindao the customers that implement the application include with immediate effect also Makito. Makito additionally uses the 3D product configurator, the TronDesigner, for three of its current products – power banks, drinking bottles and umbrellas.


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