lavigne bernard - Obituary: Bernard Lavigne has passed away

Bernard Lavigne

F – European Sourcing is mourning Bernard Lavigne. The founder, CEO and owner of the French digital and online service provider passed away unexpectedly at the age of 65 on December 27, 2019.

Lavigne, who was born in 1954, was a well-known figure in the European promotional products industry. Following a career as a professional rugby player in the French rugby union, he founded the distributor company BL International, which he ran for almost 20 years. It was during his time as a distributor when Lavigne identified the need to centralize the information in the promotional products sector. In 2002, he founded European Sourcing and started building up an online search engine for haptic advertising.

Today, European Sourcing is one of the leading online sourcing platforms on the European promotional products market. The company that is based in Agen, France also develops webshops and various online tools bringing all European actors of the industry together. Furthermore, European Sourcing has established itself as an exhibition organiser.

Photo: Michael Scherer, © WA Media

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