MyProdir - Prodir launches Instagram campaignCH – Pagani Pens has launched a marketing campaign on Instagram for its writing instrument brand Prodir. The company is inviting users of the social media platform to post photos and videos with their Prodir writing instruments under the hashtag #myprodir. The company is collecting and publishing the posts on its Instagram channel @prodir_official under the #MyProdir story.

“Writing instruments lead a wonderfully unpredictable life of their own,” according to Prodir’s press release on the new campaign. “They are truly everywhere, change location and owner, travel between continents, are occasionally forgotten and left lying around, only to be picked up again who knows where and when, and especially, by whom.” “Whether in Castrop-Rauxel or Stockholm, during a hike in the Atlas Mountains or on a lonely Greek island,” said Eckhard Sohns, the CMO of Prodir. “It is always fascinating to see that our pens can really be found just about everywhere. TV anchors use them as well as waiters, journalists, taxi drivers, politicians, children, teachers or warehouse managers – everyone! Documenting this tremendous diversity, which defines the strength of our product, is the idea behind our Instagram project, #MyProdir.”

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