IMG 8167 - Choice: Novelty show at the MotorworldD – The event is tradition: Every year in mid-November, the six subsidiaries of the JCK Group – Daiber, Fare, Halfar, Karlowsky, mbw and SND – under the joint umbrella brand Choice invite international wholesalers and media representatives to a press brunch. On November 13, 2019 around 50 customers attended the event, which kicked off with a detailed presentation of the extensive Daiber collection. After a joint evening meal attended by representatives from all subsidiaries, on the next day, which the trade press was also invited to, the product ranges of all six Choice members could be examined. The venue of the novelty show this year was the Motorworld, which was staged in the listed halls of a former airport. Here, fans of the automobile lifestyle were able to admire special “treasures” from the repertoire of brands like Bentley, Lamborghini or McLaren – from old-timers through to modern sports cars.

Taking a look at the list of novelties underlined the fact that the Choice group also brings a lot of power onto the advertising streets. Each of the six companies is an absolute specialist in its segment, which is also reflected in the product development. The textile specialist Daiber with its brands James & Nicholson and myrtle beach has not only extended its workwear and running segment for 2020, but has also invested in the sustainability of the line-ups. Alongside organic cotton products, products made from recycled polyester are now also being offered. Fare convinced with innovations like umbrellas with integrated sound or a fillable, transparent plastic handle and Halfar with bags that playfully walk the tightrope between retail design demands and individual customising options, while at the same time also satisfying the desire for short customising times (Fast Lane).

One will certainly be fashionably clad in 2020 donning the catering wear of Karlowsky Fashion. Furthermore, the company is also taking the plunge in the streetwear segment by introducing its own collection of garments. mbw won over the hearts of the audience with new cuddly toys ranging from puppies to sloths, as well as with new duck, Schmoozies and Mr. Bert models, whereas SND demonstrated its competence in the area of embellishing porcelain, presenting two own, very striking and yet easily individualizable models.

// Dr. Mischa Delbrouck

Photos: Mischa Delbrouck, © WA Media

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