USA – According to a new survey by the American industry association, the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), many consumers have a very positive attitude to haptic advertising.

ppai studie - US survey: Promotional products popular with consumers

Eight out of ten respondents stated that they like receiving promotional products, seven out of ten would gladly accept even more and 96% would like to learn beforehand if a company is offering promotional products. Furthermore, 73% of the consumers prefer haptic advertising compared to all other forms of advertising media. 79% of the consumers stated that they pass products they no longer need on to others and 72% see a direct connection between the quality of a promotional product and the image of the promoting company.

The most important popular categories according to the survey participants are wearables, health and beauty products, electronic gadgets, food and drinks as well as travel products.

The survey that was carried out in the USA and Canada among over 3,000 respondents aimed to examine the attitude of the consumers more accurately, understand what works and what doesn’t and why – and to come up with scientifically corroborated arguments as to why promotional products are a significant driver for successful marketing strategies.

Source: PPAI

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