promidata promotron - Promidata: Exclusive franchise for TronLogoNL/BE – Promidata has been the exclusive sales partner of the online visualisation tool, TronLogo, for the Netherlands and Belgium since the end of August 2019. The software application that was programmed by PromoTron Solutions can be integrated into any desirable web shop and enables users to upload logos in a jiffy. The logos are visualised on all of the product images in the web shop straight away in 3D so that one can gain a precise idea of the finished product. According to Promidata, the advantages of the tools lie in the time saved for the visualisations as well as in the fast completion of the order execution process.

Customers, who implement the tool, include among others Anda, Clipper, Giving Europe, PF Concept, Reda, Stricker, Tobra, Toppoint and Xindao.

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