BD – On 8. September, around 330 participants from six countries met up for a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seminar in Dhaka. Representatives from different areas of the textile industry – from the production of clothes, departments stores, brands, to certification authorities and testing laboratories, through to media and science circles – discussed sustainability and organic textiles under the motto “Connecting for Success”.

gots seminar banglasdesch - GOTS: Seminar in Bangladesh

The regional GOTS representatives organise events worldwide in order to bring together stakeholders and gain feedback on the specific needs of the market participants. The delegates stressed the importance of traceability and transparency along the supply chain, from the communication of the employee rights, an open and supportive approach towards collective bargaining, the reinforced mutual consideration of certifications, the necessity for solid internal systems for certification offices as well as the expansion of capacities among the employees. Furthermore, reference was made to the fact that GOTS contributes towards the improvement of the conditions at the production sites. For example, several factories installed a waste water treatment plant (ETP), in order to receive the GOTS certification.

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