mbw - mbw: New company premises

The construction of the new headquarters of mbw was completed in just seven months.

D – At the end of August, mbw moved to a new office building with an in-house picking and packing hall as well as a warehouse. The new head office is around 1 km away from the old location in Wanderup. The municipal in Northern Germany has been the home of mbw ever since it was founded in 1980. Over the course of the past four decades, the specialist for cute promotional products has developed into an internationally-operating company, which is deeply rooted within the promotional products market with its high-quality brands. After several reconstruction measures, renovation work and continual growth, the old premises were gradually bursting at the seams over recent years.

The new company building is geared up for efficiency and sustainability: In the picking and packing hall, which boasts a capacity of approx. 13,000 storage containers, an ultra-modern warehousing system is implemented that ensures optimal usage of the space available. The robot-controlled AutoStore system places the required items directly at the disposal of the employees at the defined issuing point, which in turns reduces the picking times and optimises the delivery times. Exclusively LED bulbs are used for the lighting inside the entire building as well as for the outdoor areas. An energy-saving air-heating pump system is used to heat the premises. The adjacent, still vacant, extension area is to be turned into a meadow spanning approx. 2,000 m² that will be planted with wild flowers in the late summer in order to create an habitat for plants and insects.

The logistics hall that houses approx. 4,000 palette storage places in Eggebek, which is 6 km away, remains intact as an external and replenishment storage location.



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