prodir 300x200 - Prodir Ltd.: Management changesUK – Karen Hughes has stepped down as Managing Director of Prodir Ltd. due to personal reasons. Hughes was responsible for the British subsidiary of the writing instrument specialist in Chatteris for eight years. “The Board of Directors and Management of Pagani Pens SA are grateful for Karen’s years of sterling service,” according to Giorgio Pagani, President of the Board of Directors and founder of the Swiss parent company, Pagani Pens SA. “During her tenure, she was responsible for substantial changes, improving our UK and Ireland operations and upholding the values of the company’s brands.”

As of August 16, 2019 the operative management of Prodir Ltd. was transferred over to the Swiss parent company, Pagani Pens SA. “The UK market is very important for us,” Eckhard Sohns, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of the group, stressed the strategic significance of the UK operations. “We plan to reinforce our sales and marketing activities in order to ensure that our customers continue to receive the high level of service they rightly expect from us.”

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