travelite image - 70 years of Travelite/Titan

D – Founded in 1949, in the course of its 70-year company history Travelite has advanced into becoming one of the leading suppliers of lightweight luggage items “designed in Germany”. Hardly believable today: The basis for this success was a shopping net. After taking over the lifestyle suitcase brand Titan in the year 2012, today the company that is run in the third generation by Jan-Oliver Nannen, the grandson of the company founder and Alfred Gruber has enhanced its product portfolio to include designer-oriented hard-shell cases.

Merchandising, sponsoring and co-branding are not new topics for the group. For example, anyone who purchases a suitcase bearing the crane logo from the World Shop of Lufthansa, travels with a Travelite product. The company from Hamburg now intends to extend its commitment on the promotional products market. A detailed company portrait can be found in the current issue of eppi magazine No. 130 (August 21, 2019).


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