tassen - Definitive anti-dumping duties on porcelainEU – As of July 16, 2019, the European Commission is introducing a definitive anti-dumping duty on the import of crockery and other tableware and kitchen items made of ceramic to the People’s Republic of China. The directive is being imposed after the completion of an expiry review of the previous anti-dumping measure, which was levied under the implementing regulation (EU) No. 412/2013. Spice mills, coffee mills and diverse kitchen utensils made of ceramic as well as pizza stones made of cordierite ceramic that originate from China are excluded from the directive.

The stipulated anti-dumping duties range between 13.1% and 36.1% depending on the manufacturer. For the application of the company-specific custom duties a valid commercial invoice has to be presented to the authorities. Without presentation of such a document, the maximum rate of duty of 36.1% will be imposed on all remaining companies. New manufacturers can apply for inclusion on the list of the cooperating companies.


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