D – After just ten months’ construction time, the building work on the new external warehouse of Halfar will be completed in August 2019. The logistics centre spanning 7,100 m² is located around seven kilometres away from the head office of the bag specialists and in future the warehouse and dispatch processes that were previously carried out at the headquarters, by service providers and in leased warehouse in the surrounding region, will be centralised there. Furthermore, the new building is to guarantee a growing line of products and the permanent readiness to deliver due to high stock availability. According to company accounts, the ensuing downsizing and relief of the present warehouses offers the perspective of increasing the number of products and services at the headquarters, which will in turn create more jobs.

halfar news 27072019 2 - Halfar: New logistics centre
halfar news 27072019 - Halfar: New logistics centre
View of Halfar’s new logistics centre inside and out.

The new logistics centre focuses on efficiency and sustainability: Due to the erection of a narrow-aisle warehouse with over 11,000 palette storage places together with the use of induction-led, semi-autonomous narrow-aisle forklift, the available space will be optimally exploited. Together with the Bielefeld municipal utilities, Halfar operates a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building which ensures a decentralised supply of power. The electricity generated is used directly in the building or stored in batteries. Electric cars can be charged at two charging stations located in front of the building. Further energy-saving measures include presence detecting LED lamps, an ecological gas heating system and the very good insulation of the halls. In order to compensate for the floor space used as much as possible, domestic bushes and perennials are planted on the open spaces and insect-friendly piles of deadwood and stones and two pasture areas have been installed on the grounds in order to create valuable living spaces for rare plants and insects.


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