Ab lensen - Obituary: Ab Lensen has passed away

Ab Lensen

NL – Toppoint is mourning Ab Lensen, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 87 on June 29, 2019. Ab (Albert) Lensen was the son of the founder of Toppoint, Lambertus Lensen, and father of the current CEO, Bas Lensen. Thanks to his high level of commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, he decisively influenced the grouth of the Dutch import company.

After he took over Toppoint from his father, Ab Lensen gradually expanded the business. Whereas Toppoint was above all famous for writing instruments in the early years, further product segments were added to the line-up under Lensen’s aegis. After a big fire in the mid-1970s, Lensen built new company premises that allowed ample space for further growth.

In 2002, Toppoint became part of the New Wave Group, Lensen retired and his son took over the management. Ab Lensen was still involved in the company up until the age of 70 and subsequently still showed a great interest in the company’s affairs.

“We will miss Albert and keep remembering him as a special, involved and warm personality,” was the statement the company released in a press release. “Toppoint wishes Mrs. Lensen, Bas and the family a lot of strength with the loss.”


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