D – Karl Knauer officially inaugurated the first of three new, modern punching machines on June 24, 2019. The packaging specialist invested over three million Euros in the expansion of the punching department at the company’s registered office in the Black Forest. In this way, the capacity of the plant is being significantly increased. The management hopes to also be able to cope with the peak ordering times more flexibly in future as a result as well as reducing stressful extra shifts for the workforce.

Karl Knauer richard kammerer 2 - Karl Knauer: New punching machine

Richard Kammerer, managing partner of Karl Knauer KG, inaugurating the first of three new punching machines at the company’s offices in Biberach.

Karl Knauer bobst2 - Karl Knauer: New punching machine

To make sure that the potential of the new Bobst punching machines is totally exploited in future, the employees received comprehensive training.


“The commissioning of our new Bobst punching machine is a special occasion that we have been looking forward to for a long time. Before we were able to inaugurate the high-performance centrepiece of our new punching department, we had to overcome many additional challenges during the normal operation,” explained Richard Kammerer, managing partner of Karl Knauer KG. Among others, partition walls had to be removed and ducts made deeper, but the foundation for the 52 t machine also had to be prepared. In exchange, the new machine offers around 30% more output, particularly in the case of laminated corrugated cardboard.


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