spreatshirt - Spreadshirt: Record profits in 2018D – According to own accounts, the eCommerce company, Spreadshirt, closed the past fiscal year with the largest profit in the company’s history: The printing specialist recorded an Ebitda totalling 10 mil. Euros, which corresponds to a growth of 23% compared to the previous year. Spreadshirt increased its overall turnover up to 110 mil. Euros (+3.4%), around one quarter of which was achieved by the markets in Germany, the USA and France.

The number of active marketplace designers and shop operators rose from approx. 80,000 last year up to more than 100,000. Around 10 mil. new designs were uploaded on the Spreadshirt marketplace.

In total, 5.5 mil. embellished products were sent out to 177 countries, whereby almost half of all the orders were submitted by mobile devices.


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