gww logo 2019 300x200 - GWW: Political commitment pays offD – The networking for the German promotional products industry that the German Promotional Products Association, GWW, has successfully carried out and continually extended  in Berlin, is bearing fruit: The introduction of an object-related tax exemption limit for business gifts that the association demanded has been taken into account in the “key issues paper on bureaucracy relief legislation III” of the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWI) that was published in May 2019. By means of the bureaucracy relief legislation III that is anchored in the coalition agreement, the Federal Government hopes to promote the further reduction of bureaucracy and strengthen the economy.

The GWW views the fact that their demands have been included in the key issue paper of the BMWI as being a major achievement. It reported that this inclusion proves that the concerns of the promotional products industry are being heard and understood in Berlin. The success is based on the intensive dialogues that the GWW has been holding with politicians for years already. The association is currently planning discussions with the Federal Ministry of Finance, which has to approve the key issue paper.

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