roemer neue gf - RömerFamilie: New Managing Director

The new management of RömerFamilie: Annika Schönebeck and Sebastian Römer.

D – Sebastian Römer was officially appointed as Managing Director of RömerFamilie at the beginning of 2019. As such, the handover of the family business that was founded by his parents Martina and Jürgen Römer as a vineyard, which was initiated in 2016 is now complete. Sebastian Römer and his partner Annika Schönebeck has already being taking all operative and strategic decisions of the four sections Römer Gifts, Römer Drinks, Römer Wellness and Römer Lifestyle for the past three years. Both completed a Master in Strategy and International Management at St. Gallen University and were employed as consultants in Zurich after taking their degree. When they joined the family business in the year 2016, they initiated a rebranding. Since then the couple have intensively occupied themselves with the internal processes. Whilst in her capacity as a member of the company’s management, Annika Schönebeck mainly occupies herself with the areas Human Resources, Automation and Digitalisation, Sebastian Römer focuses on the themes product development, sales and customer service.

In future, Jürgen Römer will concentrate on his newly founded company, Trendsourcing, as well as on the sales of the company’s own wine. Martina Römer will continue to actively advise the customers of Römer Gifts and will support the team in procurement and supplier management matters.

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