visable - New brand Visable foundedD – The two B2B web platforms “Wer liefert was” (wlw) and Europages have become part of the new umbrella brand, Visable, with immediate effect. Both online marketplaces will remain in place under the present names as offers of Visable GmbH. The Hamburg-based company sees itself as a full-service provider for companies that would like to reach international B2B buyers. The artificial word, Visable, is made up out of the two English words “visible” and “enable” and together with the claim “online business made easy” sums up the service promise of the Hamburg company, namely achieving more reach on the web for small and medium-sized companies. “Through the unique connection between own B2B platforms and online marketing services like Google Ads campaigns or retargeting we offer everything from one source that is important for visibility and digital success”, according to the CMO of Visable, Doreen Schlicht. “Our offer primarily addresses the target group of the industrial middle class in Europe, which is active on the B2B environment.”

The new brand was launched via the international website on May 27, which is available in various languages and with country-specific contents. The aim of the Hamburg-based company is according to press reports to position and further develop the brand Visable as a rival to international players from the USA, China and India. To this end, Visable GmbH is striving to achieve two-digit growth in turnover for the coming years and an annual turnover of 100 mil. Euros mid-term. “We are the leading European player in the online B2B section and want to become the better Alibaba of Europe”, is how Peter F. Schmid, CEO of Visable, described the company’s goal. Visable currently employs a headcount of around 370 people in total at its locations in Hamburg, Berlin and Paris.

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