licensing international - LIMA becomes Licencing InternationalThe International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) has changed its name to Licencing International. The new name and the company’s new image were developed to reflect the current status of the licensing industry more accurately and secure the way ahead into the future. According to a press release, the key targets that the association has set itself include supporting the growth of the international licencing industry, a further increased professionalisation of the people involved in the licensing business and the creation of awareness for the advantages and usages of licencing within the various industries. The new name quite intuitively conveys the purpose of the organisation to a wide business public, underlines its status as a global institution with representatives in twelve countries across the globe and does justice to the increasing internationalisation of the industry. When the organisation was founded in 1985, around 70% of the licencing turnovers came from North America. Today, the international markets generate around 40% of the licencing revenue that totals approx. 270 bil. US dollars (around 242 bil. Euros). In the scope of its name change to Licensing International, among others a new website was launched at as well as a new member portal.

Licencing International (previously LIMA) is the leading global association of the international licencing industry. Founded in 1985, Licencing International set itself the goal of promoting and supporting the growth and the significance of licencing worldwide and heightening the awareness for the advantages and opportunities of licencing within the business world. More than 1,000 companies in 35 countries are members of the association.

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