jung fahrradleasing - Jung since 1828 promotes bike leasing

Jung since 1828 employee Margit Bayerdörfer has acquired a leased e-Bike: “I want to cycle to work as often as possible in future. Steep hills are not a problem anymore thanks to the new e-Bike.”

D – With immediate effect Jung since 1828 is offering its employees the opportunity to lease bicycles via the platform BusinessBike and thus support eco-friendly and healthy means of mobility. The employees of the sweets specialists have the free choice of the manufacturer, brand and model of their desired bike, which they can also use for private purposes to an unlimited scope. The further advantages of the BusinessBike concept including savings compared to cash purchases, a monthly payment option as well as leasing per salary conversion and tax advantages through the so-called 0.5% provision. As a small bonus Jung since 1828 has been covering the montly costs of 15 Euro for the fully comprehensive insurance cover. On request, the leased bike can be purchased once the leasing contract has expired.

According to company accounts, the staff were delighted with the offer – allegedly the first cycling fans are already travelling to work on their leased bike.


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