gabler stausholm sprout - Sprout Europe acquires Geschmacksentfaltung

Jochen Gabler (l), founder of Geschmacksentfaltung and Michael Stausholm, founder and Chairman of Sprout Europe.

D/DK – The company Geschmacksentfaltung has been sold to Sprout Europe. Parallel to the sale the name of the Greenspoon, a foldable 100% degradable spoon with an integrated tea bag, is being changed. Sprout Europe is selling the invention of the founder of Geschmacksentfaltung, Jochen Gabler, with immediate effect under the name Sprout Spoon.

Sprout Spoon is the solution for one of the big challenges that the world is faced with today,” stated Michael Stausholm, founder and Chairman of Sprout Europe. “The drink-to-go market in particular has to rethink its waste problem. But also the promotional products industry has to bank on more sustainability. Cheap, disposable items are still characteristic for the industry, which are of little practical use and which soon end up in the garbage. We want to challenge the promotional products industry to also offer well thought-out alternatives.”

Gabler is supporting the Sprout team with immediate effect as Sales Manager Germany for enquiries related to the Sprout Spoon. Furthermore, he will in future also be concentrating on other tasks after founding a new company called Innovative Sales.

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