PPAI logo 2735 - PPAI: Record turnover for the US industryUSA – According to estimations by the American industry association PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), the overall turnover of the US promotional products trade in 2018 was 24.7 bil. US Dollars (21.86 bil. Euros). This corresponds to a growth of 6.27% compared to the previous year and marks a new turnover record. The figures are based on the annual “Sales Volume Study” carried out annually by the PPAI. According to the survey, above all small and medium-sized promotional products distributors with an annual turnover under 2.5 mil. US Dollars (2.21 mil. Euros) were able to record growth. The increase in turnover in this segment was 12.27%. Larger companies were only able to record a 1.92% increase.

“It was a strong year for the promotional products trade, particularly for smaller companies,” summed up Paul Bellantone, President and CEO of the PPAI. “For the first time since 2016 smaller businesses accounted for the lion’s share of the growth in turnover. This section not only grew much faster than the segment comprising of big firms, it also recovered from the lower growth rates which were under 1% in 2017 and recorded an order volume of almost 10.9 bil. US Dollars (9.64 bil. Euros).”

Furthermore, the survey also confirmed the ongoing growth of online channels as a sales tool: The online turnover made up 25.3% of the turnover volume in the year 2018, a 2.1% increase compared to the 23.2% recorded in the year 2017.

Since 1965, the PPAI has been collecting and publishing the sales data of the American promotional products industry and maintains an extensive information database about the buying behaviour of advertising companies. The annual distributor survey reflects the actual sales data and according to own accounts is the most comprehensive industry survey.


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