D – The history of Stabila began in 1889 by producing yardsticks and spirit levels under the name “Meterfabrik”. In 2019, the company is celebrating its 130th anniversary. Meanwhile, in addition to folding rules, tape measures and spirit levels, the range of products also includes electronic measuring tools and lasers. The products that have been sold under the brand name Stabila since 1929, some of which also carry the “made in Germany” seal, range from give-aways through to high-quality premiums. The company that was founded by Gustav Ullrich is responsible for the entire process chain from the idea to the production that displays a wide vertical range of manufacture and boasts a demanding material management system.

stabila wasserwagenproduktion - 130 years of Stabila

Up to 10,000 spirit levels are produced a day in the Stabila factory in Annweiler. According to own accounts, the company produces the most stable spirit level built-in system in the world.

stabila hist maßstab - 130 years of Stabila

In 1886, the Ullrich brothers were awarded the patent for a spring joint that allowed the yardsticks to be folded together to save space.

Anton Ullrich, the uncle of the company founder, already produced the first yardsticks with a spring joint in the 1880s, which made it possible to fold the measuring tool together. Anton and his brother Franz Ullrich were awarded a patent for this innovative idea in 1886. Since 1952, according to own accounts, the company was the first German manufacturer to produce light metal spirit levels – small tubes filled with fluid and an air or gas bubble – from acrylic glass, which are used as a tool for aligning objects. In 1979, a further patent was registered for the built-in system that enabled the spirit level to be firmly cast into the profile using a special method with artificial resin. Today, up to 10,000 spirit levels are produced per day in the plant in Annweiler to cover the worldwide sales. In spite of a high degree of mechanisation, many production steps are carried out by hand in order to guarantee the highest level of precision.

Currently the specialist for measuring tools employs over 550 employees, around 350 of whom work at the company’s headquarters in Germany. The brand Stabila operates in over 80 countries and has established itself as a market leader in several measurement technology segments.


Photo source: Stabila

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