DieGuteSchokolade Herzensprojekt nurWeb - Magna sweets: Challenge for climate protectionD – As a result of its cooperation with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, from this year onwards Magna sweets’ collection probably boasts the most successful Fairtrade chocolate of all time. Just recently in December 2018 the Stiftung Warentest (German consumer survey institute) evaluated the Gute Schokolade (good chocolate) as the best of 25 milk chocolates tested. The chocolate which was found to be “very intensely creamy” is Fairtrade-certified and climate-neutral.

Plant-for-the-Planet has been using the Gute Schokolade for a climate protection project for some time already: For every five bars of chocolate sold, the foundation plants a tree in its own planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula. 13 million bars of chocolate have already been sold and thus 3 million trees planted. According to official accounts, so far over 15 billion trees have been planted in 193 countries. A project that is being supported by Magna sweets with immediate effect in the scope of the “Challenge for even more trees”: Promotional products distributors, who have placed orders for the most bars of the Gute Schokolade with the confectionery specialists by the end of April 2019, will each receive a little tree to plant as a gift. The winners will be announced at the beginning of May.


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