Shiva bottles composition aqua 2018 - Garmin acquires Tacx

The company Bottle Promotions, which belongs to the Tacx group, has made a name for itself on the promotional products market with individualisable drinking bottles.

USA/NL – Garmin USA, based in Kansas City, has taken over the Dutch group Tacx, to which the subsidiary Bottle Promotions also belongs. Garmin has primarily made a name for itself with navigation devices and cycling computers and through the acquisition of Tacx intends to expand its product range by sports equipment and exercise machines.

Tacx was founded over five centuries ago as a bicycle and repair shop and today the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart, interactive fitness equipment, indoor bicycle machines and scooters as well as sports bottles for the promotional products market. “Garmin’s vision is to provide a seamless, motivating, enjoyable and safe riding experience,” commented the CEO of Tacx, Koos Tacx. “We’re excited at the opportunity of merging the exceptional talents and strengths of each company to provide our customers with a way to train indoors, outdoors and ultimately, year-round.” According to official statements, Tacx is to remain one of the leaders in the indoor training segment and for promotional bottles.

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