02 Modelli PIGRA V - New alignment at Pagani PensCH – Pagani Pens has restructured its activities and brand portfolio. Under the new management of Rossana Porotti and Dr. Eckhard Sohns, the company has been divided up into two business units – one for the business with refill technology components and one for writing instruments.

The brand Premec will in future remain part of the group’s worldwide component business. Since January 2019, the writing instruments of the Premec brand have been sold under the brand name Pigra. The tagline “made by Italians” emphasises the Italian identity of Pigra and distinguishes them from the “Swiss-made” Prodir brand. With its new brand portfolio for writing instruments, Pagani Pens intends to concentrate on the promotional products market in future and further expand its network of own sales companies in Europe. The company’s activities in the writing instrument retail trade were discontinued at the end of 2018.


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