Haverkamp EIKEL 070219 - KHK: Two new authorised signatories

Carolin Haverkamp (l) and Sandra Eikel.

D – With effect from November 13, 2018 Sandra Eikel and Carolin Haverkamp became authorised signatories at the cosmetic specialists, KHK. The two graduates in business administration have been with the company for over ten years and worked for KHK while they took their dual course of studies in trade management. Whereas Eikel is employed as Production Manager at the lipcare specialists that is run by Dr. Thomas Kiepe, Haverkamp holds the position of Sales Director. In addition to their current activities and the new tasks as authorised signatories, the two employees continue to be responsible for training commercial apprentices, supervising the internships and students as well as for the cooperation with universities.


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