robin vogel buttonboss - Buttonboss Group founds new company

Robin Vogel

NL – The Dutch Buttonboss Group has founded a new company called Clipfactory, which unites the brands Markclip® und Promoclip® under the direction of Jeroen Jonk. “Both are established brands on the market. On founding Clipfactory we have created a new player that fits in perfectly with our other companies. It goes without saying that combining the activities of two competing companies opens up new opportunities,” explained Robin Vogel, CEO of the Buttonboss Group. “As is true for the other companies within the Buttonboss Group, Clipfactory will focus entirely on the trading channel.”

Markclip® was founded in 1982 and has earned an international name for itself selling imprinted paperclips. Since its establishment in 1994, Promoclip® has gained a strong market position above all in the Netherlands and Germany with the innovative paperclips of the same name. Together both companies produce over 15 million paperclips a year.

The headquarters of the Buttonboss Group that boasts a headcount of over 100 employees is located in Enschede. The companies of the group include Buttonboss, The Peppermint Company, Care Concepts, LoGolf and now also Clipfactory. Each company acts as an independent unit within its own special area.

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