Uli Hofmann Brands Fashion - Brands Fashion: Sustainability report published

Uli Hofmann

D – Brands Fashion has published a sustainability report for the first time. The 24-page document presents the status quo of numerous areas in which the textile company proceeds in a sustainable manner. For example the procurement volume of 3.5 mil. GOTS-certified parts in 2016 rose up to over 5.5 mil. in 2017. The number of items made from Fairtrade-certified cotton rose from around 70,000 up to 2.8 mil. and the share of Fairtrade customers increased by 15%.

Brands Fashion develops and produces high-quality, fashionable work clothes as well as fashion collections for renowned companies in Europe and the USA. The textile specialist’s aim here is to make as many items from 100% organic cotton and Fairtrade-certified materials as possible. “We would like to establish the awareness for a sustainable approach among our suppliers, employees and customers,” explained Uli Hofmann, founder and CEO of Brands Fashion, whose corporate motto is “Social. Green. Fashion.” As part of the Jebsen & Jessen group, Brands Fashion can fall back on valuable resources. Among others, the company Triton Textile, which also belongs to the Jebsen & Jessen group, regularly carries out audits at the producers in Asia on behalf of Brands Fashion and thus contributes towards the transparency in the supply chains.

The sustainability report can also be viewed online with immediate effect.


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