UK – Pro-Ad is welcoming three new employees to its team. Ashleigh Tate and Paul Tighe are supporting the promotional products agency that specialises in merchandising and marketing as newcomers in the business area “Solutions”, Lauren McKenna has joined the production team. “Ashleigh, Paul and Lauren bring a diverse range of skills and experiences that will help us do this. We are delighted to welcome them to the Pro-Ad family,” stated Pro-Ad-Director Loren Nardini, who together with his team was recently distinguished at the IPM COGS Awards for the second time already.

Ashleigh Tate - Pro-Ad: Three new employees

Ashleigh Tate

Paul Tighe - Pro-Ad: Three new employees

Paul Tighe

Lauren McKenna - Pro-Ad: Three new employees

Lauren McKenna


Ashleigh Tate has extensive industry experience and is a specialist for Corporate Wear, Paul Tighe recently completed his apprenticeship, during the course of which he was among others able to gain experience in the administration, customer service and personnel departments. Lauren McKenna brings with her know-how in dealing with customers from the fashion and jewellery segment among others at Pandora.

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