Portrait TS - Selter is quitting the promotional products business

Thomas Selter, CEO of Gustav Selter GmbH.

D – Gustav Selter GmbH discontinued its activities on the promotional products market at the end of September 2018. Henceforth, the company wants to completely concentrate on the production and sales of knitting and crocheting needles, which are famous worldwide under the brand name addi and which have been the main pillar of the company for around 190 years. The knitting and crocheting needle sector has grown continuously over the past 15 years and the presentation of a worldwide innovative knitting solution for socks last year also triggered off a huge boost, according to CEO, Thomas Selter. 50 new employees had only just been recruited in 2018, so it was no longer possible to deliver the full commitment to the promotional products division.

Selter was active on the promotional products market for over 50 years and specialised in tools, measuring devices and knives. The company exhibited at the PSI Show for more than 40 years, in 1978 a very successful tool series by Busse Design was launched in black and green.

Schmitd IMG 7183 - Selter is quitting the promotional products business

Wolfgang Schmidt, CEO of Promowolsch.

All of the employees from the promotional products department will continue to work for Gustav Selter GmbH. The company Promowolsch will be taking over part of the promotional products programme and will sell the items on the market in future. “It was always good fun working in the promotional products market and it certainly wasn’t an easy decision to stop selling promotional products,” reported Thomas Selter. “However, we are very pleased to have found a friend and partner in the company Promowolsch, in other words Wolfgang Schmidt, who is taking over part of the promotional products from us. The customers can thus rely on a competent supplier that is well-established in the industry.”


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