Moleskine Smart Writing System - Moleskine: Survey on handwriting in the digital eraI – Within its report on the theme Handwriting in the Digital Age. Connecting Two Worlds, the Italian notebook manufacturer, Moleskine, has published a survey on the sustainability of the written word. 62% of the 6,000 people interviewed in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan and China in the scope of the survey stated that in spite of the digitalisation process they still rely on pens and paper to jot down important notes. Almost one third of the survey participants frequently writes on paper during the course of the day. 18% explained that they write or draw as a source of relaxation. 63% of the respondents said that they prefer to receive hand-written messages from their loved ones, 8% prefer e-mails and 4% text messages. Furthermore, 91% of the participants consider digital appliances to be helpful because they are useful for carrying out organisational tasks (43%) and saving data (60%), simplify sharing documents and thoughts (49%) as well as allowing access to online tools and apps (42%).

Based on the survey, Moleskine comes to the conclusion that analogue and digital notes do not compete against each other, but indeed support each other in making work easier. 68% of the respondents find it more productive if both options are utilised. 45% believe they are more efficiently organised if they record the tasks both by hand and digitally. The notebook manufacturer sees this as confirmation for the development of tools such as the Smart Writing system, with the aid of which notes can be digitalised for further processing while being written. “We recognise the significance and the need for paper for the creative process and planning as well as the ever increasing dominance of digital tools in the everyday routine. Instead of separating these two elements, we want to unite them,” commented Roberto Lobetti Bodoni, CMO of Moleskine.

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