terminic co2 1 - terminic: Successfully passed CO2 audit

Klaus-Dieter Schneider and Oliver Garbade, Assistant to the Production Management at terminic, accepting the certificate for the successfully passed audit for participation in the climate initiative of the printing and media associations of Holger Schürmann, Druck & Medien NordOst e.V., (f.t.l.).

D – The calendar manufacturer terminic successfully passed the annual audit by the association Druck & Medien NordOst e.V. and is thus once again certified to participate in the climate initiative of the printing and media associations. The aim of the nationwide climate initiative is to avoid CO2 emissions in everyday life as far as possible. So, once a year the association checks that the sustainability demands laid down in the climate protection model are adhered to, which as well as pure production criteria also include checking the implementation, consumption and disposal of materials and machines together with the energy consumption of the company, through to the fuel consumption of the individual employees. Furthermore, the orderly execution and documentation of all CO2-compensated calendar orders has to be accounted for.




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