ippag summermeeting 2 - Ippag Summer Meeting: Work-intensive, family-like atmosphere

E – This year’s Summer Meeting of the international distributor alliance Ippag (International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts) and its commercial branch Prominate took place in Barcelona on invitation of the Spanish member Promosistem from September 25-28, 2018. Many members from a wide range of countries accepted the invitation and in some cases even brought their families with them. A tight, work-intensive agenda awaited them in the Gallery Hotel: As well as dealing with all of the necessary internal formalities, there was a constructive workshop by Prof. Tim Bruysten, which provided insights into the digitalisation theme. Diversified discussions in a friendly atmosphere were held too partly with the participation of external guests. The members informed each other about successful case studies and new products as well as developments and trends within their companies and the respective markets.

ippag summermeeting 3 - Ippag Summer Meeting: Work-intensive, family-like atmosphere

Evelyn and Peter Iwen from the former Spanish Ippag-member Publisistem were the guests of honour at the evening event.

The highlights of this year’s meeting included a visit to the Camp Nou football stadium of FC Barcelona and the official Ippag Dinner at the Tablao de Carmen, where the members not only dined exquisitely, they also enjoyed an impressive Flamenco performance. The guests of honour at dinner were Evelyn and Peter Iwen with their son Mark from the former Spanish Ippag-member. Following good tradition, the Ippag Awards for the best presentations and the Sheep Award donated by the member from New Zealand, Prime Source, were of course presented.

A detailed report will be published in eppi magazine No. 126 (December 5, 2018).

// Michael Scherer


Photos: Michael Scherer, © WA Media

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