D – The PSI Sustainability Awards were presented for the fourth time on September 7, 2018. The prize honours companies that distinguish themselves through special services in the three areas of sustainability, economy, ecology and social responsibility, hence which serve as a role model within the industry. The PSI Director, Michael Freter, confirmed that the award is receiving increased acknowledgement within the industry and that the level of entries improves from year to year – which is evidence that the theme sustainability is becoming more and more significant on the market.

psi saav - PSI Sustainability Awards 2018: Festive award ceremony

The venue for the award ceremony, which is accompanied by a festive gala dinner, was for the third time the Spa House in Wiesbaden, where the Friedrich-von-Thiersch Hall offered an impressive, magnificent setting. The German TV and radio presenter and actress, Tamara Sedmak, hosted the evening alongside Michael Freter. Culinary delights and professional music ensured that the invited award winners and nominees enjoyed themselves together with further industry celebrities. The only point of criticism: Some of the guests would have welcomed a little more information about the award winners.

The first three places in eight categories received awards, there were further winners in sub-categories of Sustainable Products, a special award for the Sustainable Distributor of the Year as well as in total four Recommended Products – products that were considered to be particularly prize-worthy by individual jury members.

Karl Knauer swept the board at the award ceremony: The company not only took first place in the categories Economic Excellence and Environmental Excellence, it was also voted the overall winner as Sustainable Company of the Year – the first company to have won this award twice.

The premiere of the PSI Sustainability Summit, which dedicated its attentions to the exchange between the promotional products industry and representatives from the business world and which was staged under the heading “Sustainable supply chains”, was held prior to the award ceremony. The debut event welcomed 50 participants in total, the summit was hosted by Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator and host of the German Sustainability Prize.

// Mischa Delbrouck


Photos: Mischa Delbrouck, © WA Media

The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2018

Sustainable Company of the Year
Winner: Karl Knauer
2nd place: Schneider Schreibgeräte
3rd place: Halfar

Economic Excellence
Winner: Karl Knauer
2nd place: Promidea
3rd place: memo

Environmental Excellence
Winner: Karl Knauer
2nd place: Schneider Schreibgeräte
3rd place: Fair Squared

Social Excellence
Winner: Halfar
2nd place: uma
3rd place: Promidea

Environment Initiative
Winner: CD Werbemittel
2nd place: Inspirion
3rd place: BIC

Social Initiative
Winner: BIC
2nd place: Faber-Castell
3rd place: Fair Squared

Sustainable Product
Winner: Publishing House Verlag für Prävention Wilken with the Family Cooking Book
2nd place: Hannes Schmitz Bio-Button with the Bio-Button
3rd place: e+m Holzprodukte with the Green Coin

Sustainable Product – Product Set
Winner: Zettler Kalender with the Grass calendar series

Sustainable Product – Product Line
Winner: werbegrün – Mappen/Verpackungen with the folding box Werbeartikel (Promotional Products)

Sustainable Product – Writing Instruments
Winner: Senator with Skeye Bio

Sustainable Product – Textiles
Winner: memo with the bio-cotton bag for fruit and vegetables

Sustainable Product – Paper
Winner: Bags by Riedle with Riedle TopLuxe/Nature

Sustainable Campaign
Winner: Join the Pipe
2nd place: mcs promotion
3rd place: Troika

Sustainable Distributor of the Year – special award
Winner: CD Werbemittel

Recommended Products
Green Coin by e+m Holzprodukte
baza Kubusgarten by KW Open
Muesli cup by Jung since 1828
PowerCube Extended Monitor by PowerCubes



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