goldstar teambuilding - Goldstar: Team building at Slane CastleIRL – This year’s Team Building Day of Goldstar Europe took place on July 6, 2018 at Slane Castle near the small Irish town of Slane. 38 pen specialists from Germany, Ireland, Great Britain and France attended the annual event. In line with Slane Castle, where several of the most historical music events of Ireland have taken place over the past 30 years, the Goldstar team members hit percussion instruments of all kinds – from kettledrums and snare drums through to cymbals and triangles – to the same beat.

Furthermore, there were presentations and recognition for the “unsung heroes of the year“, who best represent the basic values of the company elected in advance by the employees. “At Goldstar, our dream is to become the best employer with the best industry reputation, and building a close and happy Goldstar ‘family’ is central to this goal,” explained Colin Loughran, General Manager of Goldstar Europe. The annual Team Building Day epitomises the philosophy of the company “Work hard, play hard” – an approach that ultimately benefits the customers.

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