gildan 300x200 - Gildan publishes CSR reportCND – The Canadian textile producer, Gildan Activewear, has published its new CSR report that includes the results for 2017 as well as an outlook of the priorities and future aims of the company.

According to own accounts, Gildan employs 50,000 people worldwide, who in the year 2017 were – as per the “Genuine Responsibility 2017” report – supported with two million hours of training and further educational measures, 181,000 free medical examinations, free transport to the value of 4.8 mil. US Dollars (approx. 4.2 mil. Euros) and meal allowances to the value of 15.8 mil. US Dollars (approx. 13.7 mil. Euros). Furthermore, the company asserted itself strongly last year for the development possibilities of women. In order to make a positive contribution towards the regions where Gildan operates, in 2017 the textile manufacturer sourced goods to the value of 150 mil. US Dollars (approx. 130 mil. Euros) from local suppliers and also invested high sums in the infrastructure, health promotion and education. According to Gildan, 83% of all executive positions are occupied by employees from the respective regions.

On the environmental front, the company that was listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the fifth year in a row in 2017, was among others able to significantly reduce its water consumption thanks to investments in new technologies and to acquire 43% of its energy from renewable sources.

All of the results of the CSR report can be found at:

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