uebergabe urkunde neu 300x202 - Suthor in a party mood

Edmund Suthor was honoured for his long-standing service during the retirement ceremony with a certificate from the Chamber of Industry & Commerce. F.t.l.: Kevin Suthor, Edmund Suthor, Christian Weisbrich (former MP) and Ralf Stobbe.

D – Suthor Papierverarbeitung has no less than three reasons to celebrate: In the 90th year of the company‘s history, the outgoing shareholder, Edmund Suthor, is celebrating his 50th company anniversary as well as his 70th birthday. The anniversaries were celebrated in the presence of over 200 guests, including family, colleagues, suppliers, friends and their partners. The official retirement ceremony was also held for Edmund Suthor during the celebrations, although he will initially be supporting the company for a while as a technical consultant.

Edmund Suthor steered the destiny of the company that specialises in processing paper together with his sister Maria Stobbe for decades. Both had run the company that was founded by their parents in 1928 in second generation since 1983 and during this period of time they played a significant role in the development of the company into one of the leading paper promotional products manufacturers in Germany. Suthor Papierverarbeitung is currently being run in the third generation, namely by the cousins Ralf Stobbe and Kevin Suthor in their capacity as managing shareholders.


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