D – Mahlwerck is taking an important step in the direction of sustainability and environmental protection. The porcelain specialist is following a 100% climate-neutral policy retroactively for the entire year 2018. Mahlwerck has worked out all of the CO2 emissions both at the company’s headquarters and those accrued through the production, purchased products, transportation, business trips and daily work routes of the employees. The calculated CO2 footprint of the company and its products – approx. 900 t CO2 equivalent pollutants a year – will in future be compensated for by purchasing certificates. The offset certificates support innovative climate protection projects worldwide in the areas forest protection, wind energy, hydropower, biomass and local economic development.

klimaneutral Gruppenfoto 01 - Mahlwerck: 100% climate-neutral

“At the end of the year the first Mahlwerck sustainability report will be published,” stated Mahlwerck’s Managing Director, Tobias Köckert, regarding future plans. “We are also going to appoint a Sustainability Officer and found a sustainability group which will be responsible for drawing up an holistic sustainability strategy.” “The team will take a look at the work processes and products, procurement and suppliers, reduce the consumable supplies, energy and water consumption, animate employees to use bicycles and perhaps even keep bees,” added Heike Hampel-Rudolph, the company’s second Managing Director alongside Köckert.

Mahlwerck products and their customisation will not become more expensive due to the climate-neutral production strategy.


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