ppai sage pppc - PPAI, PPPC and Sage are cooperatingCDN/USA – The Canadian and American industry associations – PPPC (Promotional Product Professionals of Canada) and PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) – as well as the American software supplier, Sage, announced a strategic partnership on June 11, 2018: Together they want to offer the Canadian promotional products suppliers and distributors a comprehensive membership, in the scope of which they can among others use the Sage software solutions and profit from trade show and educational offers, networking opportunities, reductions and legislation initiatives.

As part of agreement, the distributors who renew their membership or sign a new contract with the PPPC, receive a software subscription with Sage, among others for product research, CRM and order management. Furthermore, the contract includes an automatic membership with the PPAI. Suppliers that are PPPC members profit from the “Sage Advantage Membership”, which involves the improved visibility of their products and advertising options on all Sage platforms and distributor websites.

“Thanks to the partnership we can offer our members the software solutions of Sage and work jointly together with the PPAI towards the growth and success of our association,” confirmed Jonathan Strauss, Chairman and CEO of the PPPC. The additional contracts and subscriptions automatically come into effect on July 1, 2018.


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