Digitalisierung - New series: DigitalisationEveryone is talking about the digital turnaround – and how it is changing everyday life, the society, the economy and the industry. The discussion about digitalisation is also omnipresent within the promotional products industry: Which challenges does the digital change bring with it? Which measures do the suppliers and distributors have to implement in order to remain competitive? How can processes, production methods and interfaces be optimised digitally? What form will the web shop of the future take on? How will the customers’ buying behaviour change? To what extent are buzzwords like big data, disruption or Industry 4.0 relevant for the haptic advertising market?

eppi magazine’s new series on digitalisation will investigate these and many other questions. Starting with Issue 123 (out on June 6, 2018) different aspects of digitalisation will be outlined in detail at regular intervals and discussed with numerous industry players.

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