Anika Merkel cyberwear - cyber-Wear: New norm certification

Anika Merkel

D – The promotional products agency, cyber-Wear, was awarded the certification in accordance with the new norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in May 2018. In the course of the two-day monitoring audit for the new version of the quality management standard – carried out by the testing organisation, TÜV – all of the company’s processes were examined.

“Up until now we were certified according to the old norm. The new full audit carried out enabled us to update our norm certification,” explained Anika Merkel, Quality Manager at cyber-Wear. “The top priority and also an important element of the norm is customer satisfaction and to this end the company was assessed in all aspects. The norm allows us to guarantee transparency within the company and – thanks to the visibility of the processes and the clear workflows – react to changes within the market or the industry faster.”

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