zogi empfang 1b - Zogi: Exclusive reception

CN – On the eve of the HK Gifts & Premium Fair, on April 26, 2018, the electronics specialist, Zogi, invited all Ippag members and further business partners and friends of the company from a wide range of countries to the “Night of Zogi” in the hip cocktail bar, J. Boroski, in central Hong Kong. In the stylish ambiance, Zogi’s guests were able to enjoy exquisite drinks, were presented with an innovation of the host and had the opportunity to engage in a relaxed exchange of ideas. A pleasant prelude to the trade fair, which Zogi also exhibited at.

// Michael Scherer


zogi empfang 3 1 - Zogi: Exclusive reception

A Zogi innovation for all of the guests.

zogi empfang 2 1 - Zogi: Exclusive reception

Relaxing in the hip club.

zogi empfang 2 3 - Zogi: Exclusive reception


photos: Michael Scherer, ©WA Media
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