weimarporz - Weimar Porzellan is insolventD – The porcelain manufacturer, Weimar Porzellanmanufaktur Betriebs-GmbH filed for bankruptcy at the District Court of Erfurt on April 19, 2018. “The shareholder, Könitz Porzellan GmbH, no longer sees itself in a position to provide further liquid funds,” according to a press release from the company. In the course of its 225-year-long history, Weimar Porzellan had adapted itself to the changing market and framework conditions and had recently been above all well-known in the Eastern European markets.

The unstable political and financial situation there had made it necessary to restructure the factory and revise the brand and product range strategy in order to make the Western European market accessible for the company. A strategy that didn’t work out: “Over the past months the markets, Russia in particular, have continued to slump. New products were not able to establish themselves sufficiently in order to offset the decline in turnover.” Due to controversial demands for customs duties Könitz Porzellan GmbH no longer sees itself in a position to provide further funding.


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