PPAI logo 2735 - US promotional products market at a record levelUSA – The turnover of the US American promotional products market exceeded all expectations last year. As the American industry association, PPAI (Promotion Products Association International) reported, the turnover increased in 2017 by 9.3% (2016: 2.4%) up to a record value of 23.3 bil. US Dollars (approx. 19 bil. Euros). The survey on turnover that is carried out annually by the PPAI – last year 23,564 promotional products distributors were interviewed for the survey – also revealed that especially larger companies from the industry which turn over more than 2.5 bil. Dollars are responsible for the strong growth. The cited group of companies were able to register a 16.3% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. Smaller companies on the other hand, which were responsible for the more significant growth in 2016, only increased their turnover by just under 1%.

The growth in 2017 is the highest on the US American promotional products market since 2000 when the industry experienced a 19.5% growth rate. “The strong growth in turnover is encouraging. Whereas the overall US advertising market only showed a moderate 6% increase – which is above all attributable to the Mobile Advertising sector – the significant increase in spending on haptic advertising proves that the perception of the effectiveness of promotional products is increasing and that the standing of the promotional product as a favourably-priced, effective customer loyalty tool has improved,” summed up the President and CEO of the PPAI, Paul Bellantone.

Furthermore, the PPAI survey brought two trends to light. For instance promotional products are being more and more frequently sold via the Internet, the online trade share of the overall turnover last year was 23.2% (2016: 19.8%). Overall the turnover of the US American online promotional products trade rose by 28.1% up to 5.3 bil. US Dollars (approx. 4.3 bil. Euros). What’s more, the survey showed that almost 3.4 bil. US Dollars (approx. 2.8 bil. Euros) and thus almost 15% of the promotional products turnover was made by non-industry companies – an increase 20% compared to 2016.


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