PIAP logo 300x200 - PIAP: Survey on the acceptance of promotional productsPL – The Polish industry association, PIAP, has commissioned a survey on the acceptance of haptic advertising in Poland. The survey was carried out by the market and opinion research institute, Ipsos, both promotional products users and recipients were interviewed.

As the survey revealed numerous companies implement promotional products in their marketing activities to attract attention and improve their image. When choosing the appropriate messenger, particularly the functionality and quality are decisive criteria, whereas the originality of an item hardly plays a role. The recipients primarily appreciate the high practical value of a promotional product, but also original design.

The survey also confirmed that predominantly medium-sized companies implement promotional products in Poland. Smaller firms also consider haptic advertising – in spite of the financial expense involved – to be one of the most efficient forms of advertising with a high communication potential. In big companies, according to further cognitions of the survey, the advertising budget is so wide-spanning that promotional products are often replaced by other forms of advertising. According to the PIAP, the challenge for the industry is to exploit this potential and force the efforts in this segment.

The complete survey is available exclusively to PIAP members.


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