D – The mini umbrella cult brand Knirps is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The success story began in 1928 when Hans Haupt invented the telescopic umbrella, which was patented in 1934 as the first model with a telescopic frame. Further milestones of the company’s history include the invention of the first Knirps umbrella with an automatic opening mechanism in 1965 or the registration of the patent for the automatic opening and closing mechanism of the Duomatic umbrellas in the year 1997. Up until this very day, the German traditional brand stands for high quality and constant innovations worldwide in the umbrella segment, but also for other products that protect people against the weather. Knirps has been a fixed brand on the retail market and enjoys a high degree of recognition among the end consumers. In 2005 the Austrian company Doppler and its Swiss partner Strotz purchased the brand Knirps including all its rights. Today, Knirps is represented in over 40 countries.

knirps90 1 - Knirps turns 90
knirps90 2 - Knirps turns 90
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