According to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the number of GOTS-certified businesses increased by 8.2% last year up to 5,024 compared to 4,642 companies in the year 2016. The growth of the processing standard for textiles made of organic natural fibres is apparently evenly distributed across all market segments, including the mass market and larger brands.

gots 300x295 - GOTS: Over 5,000 certificationsGOTS-certified companies are currently represented in 62 countries (2016: 63 countries). In 2017, the largest increases were recorded in Bangladesh (+40%), the USA (+39%), Portugal (+39%) and Europe (+29%). With regards to the total number of GOTS-certified companies, India presently ranks first (1,658), followed by Bangladesh (534), Germany (480), Turkey (445), Italy (307), China (292), Pakistan (194), Portugal (180), the USA (99) and South Korea (69). In 2017, 19 of the accredited, independent certification offices reported that over 1.74 million people work in GOTS-certified establishments. The number of authorised chemicals on the GOTS positive list rose by 14% in 2017 up to more than 17,900 substances produced by 720 manufacturers.

“The constant growth of GOTS-certified companies proves that GOTS works as a solution for risk and reputation management as well as serving as a distinction measure,” the GOTS Director, Claudia Kersten, stated. The GOTS certification encompasses the entire textile value chain of clothing and household textiles made of organic fibres – from the field to the finished product.

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